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Birds at Sea Pearl


Birds at Sea Pearl

This photo has been taken at Sea Pearl in the compound. Here you see the bird feeding its young one. The nest was built during the monsoon under the leaves of a Canna plant. We left it undisturbed which was easy to do because the guesthouse was close for the monsoon. Two tiny eggs were laid in the nest and both the eggs were hatched in due time. After the eggs were hatched there was no place for the mother bird in the nest. The mother bird flew away and would come to feed the birds and to clear the droppings of the baby birds. – Its fascinating to watch the mother bird clearing the dropping of the baby birds after feeding them, the baby birds turn their backside to the mother to clear their droppings. Since this nest was at a lower level we could watch all this happening. The mother bird picks up the insects on the fly swooping on the insect and brings the insect to the babies to feed them.

This spectacle we could watch for a few days until the baby birds were able to fend for themselves. The most fascinating part was the housekeeping of the nest.

After the feeding.